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Coordinator: Majken Kramer Overgaard
Where: Rooftop Shared Space
When: Saturday, Sept 10 – 08h00-11h00

Einstein thought that the time at your head, was different to the time at your feet – that all time is relative. Due in part to gravity on a large mass, the basis of this idea was later proven by the slowing of time as light signals passed by the sun.
The chronological time of our clocks today are a socio-political construct of organisational convenience, but there are many ways to think about time. Various ancient and current cultures regard time as cyclical, while the most recent theories involve time as granular clusters. In our cycles of everyday life, we tend to perceive time at a human scales, forgetting the deep time of the earth’s 4.5 billion years – a timescale on which we are barely worth a mention.
Time-keeping can be constructed from anything with regular oscillations or intervals of change. Everything from the sun and stars, pendulums, magnetism, beetles, lilies, and prawn sandwiches can be used. Some options being more ‘accurate’ than others…
But if all time is relative… then how might one ‘hack’ time to make it your own? For example, what might be some ways to think about and create your own local and global times that might hold layers of meaning relevant to you and others around you? What other ways might we visualize and share time?
Or how might we remind ourselves of the wider perspectives of deep time?
Spend some time with us on Saturday, September 10th for a simultaneous dinner/breakfast between New Zealand and Denmark where Physicists, Philosophers, Hackers, Thinkers and Tinkers, Anthropologists, Astronomers and Artists will gather to discuss this mind-bending topic. Come armed with your time-hacking thoughts, projects and proposals, and develop your project for face-off with creative technology hacktivists across the globe in duelling workshops preceeding the dinner. May the best projects warp our brains!
The wonder dinner will have pre-selected participants, but if you’d like to join, please feel free to email organizer Majken on

Where: FormuLab Conference Room
When: Saturday, Sept 10 – 14h00-16h00

Have you been inspired to connect with other participants about a certain topic? Maybe something that has come to your mind during the conference, or something that you’re working on or thinking about? Here is your chance.
The lightning talks concept gives everyone a chance to address an audience with brief ideas and topics – could easily be improvised – in a session, where slots of up to 10 minutes are assigned to those willing to take the stage.
To sign up for a time slot, simply write to Christian Villum on with a title and a brief recap of what you’d like to talk about – or simply show up before or during the session to put your name on the list.
You are free to talk about any topic you’d like that links in some way or another with our three overall themes. We also encourage everyone who’s curious to show up as listeners, as lightning talk sessions are known to quite entertaining.

Where: FormuLab Foyer
When: Friday, Sept 9 14h00-21h00 and Saturday, Sept 10 – 10h00-21h00

At Meeting Hub were proud to have participants from some of the most inspiring and forward-thinking open web organizations in the world, namely Creative Commons and Mozilla Drumbeat. For Meeting Hub, as part of the ’The Open’-theme, information booths with introduction material for both organizations can be found. Additionally, introduction materials from Platform4 will also be available.

Where: FormuLab Foyer
When: Friday, Sept 9 14h00-21h00 – and Saturday, Sept 10 – 10h00-21h00

In Viborg, just a little under 100 km south of Aalborg, lies The Animation Workshop (TAW), one of Europe’s most renowned animation academies. TAW is an international centre of knowledge and development for animation (and related) professions and businesses and enjoys a strong and wide reputation as a provider of some of the highest rating educations for ao. the international film industry. For Meeting Hub, as a part of the ’Its Visual’-theme, TAW has setup a screening station exhibiting animation films from the latest batch of graduates, which shows some of Europe’s freshest animation work talents.

Where: Platform4 Café
When: Thursday, Sept 8 – 21h00-24h00 + Friday, Sept 9 – 21h00-01h00 +

Saturday, Sept 10 – 21h00-02h00

To round up each day at Meeting Hub, Platform4′s own in-house café will punch it up a notch and create a setting for some nice and cozy r’n’r. Come and enjoy our wide selection of local beer, ecological sodas, coffees and snacks while listening to a series of talented dj’s and music performances.
If the weather is nice we’ll even put out our beach chairs on the front porch, so you can enjoy the late summer nights in the concrete jungle.

Thursday – DJ Yngvesin (N)
Friday – Barry Weitling (DK) & The Duke (DK)
Saturday – DJ Noodle (DK) & Au2pilot (DK)

Where: Hal1
When: Sunday, Sept 11 – 14h00-16h00

As the grand finale all groups in the MEGA-MAKER-LAB will showcase their produce from the weekend in a casual manner, so that anyone curious – participants, audience members, passers-by – can get a taste of all the fun ideas, surprising results and fun failures that have come forward during the four days. Additionally, the outcome of the DIGITAL DUEL from Saturday will be shown on the screen in Rooftop Shared Space. If anyone else would like to showcase something from the weekend (physical objects, ideas, announcements, whatever), this will also be the time and the place. No need for registration, just show up at 14h00 in Hal1 and a show-off order will be organized.
We hope everyone will stay for this session as a nice way to round off the Meeting Hub weekend.

Speaker: Brainstorm CrossMedia
When: Saturday Sep 10, 20h00-21h00

This workshop aims to combine cross media with social interaction. Surprises guaranteed! More specificly the participants will take part in a socio-digital event about the challenges of a on-line and totally digitalized society indirectly ranking citizens in a, b and c groups. No, it is NOT a political or a scientific session trying to convince anybody about anything! Yes, it is a way to produce valid pictures and stories about a world both integrated and disintegrated by new technology. No, we have no idea, what will come out of it. Yes, we work with green screen, computer animation and improvisation, so we know that SOMETHING will come out of it. Okay, we do have a PLOT to be presented, but who knows where it will be taken? Yes, you will be invited to take active part in all part of this DIGITAL DUEL.

Duel cornermen:
Sebastian – The master of computer animation.
Jonas – The master of green screen & crazy stories
Jakob – The nice guy who makes you feel confident
Jens – The guy who challenge you to improvise

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