Illutron (Copenhagen, Denmark)

illutron is a collaborative interactive art studio and a haven for innovative thinking between art and technology. The physical location is a rusty barge in Copenhagen Harbour.

Here submarines and space rockets are built. Scrapped industrial robots are brought back to life. Here singing plants grow and classical music plays together with electronic music.

illutron is a space for adventures and experiments. Artistic and technological frontiers are challenged. Experiments can be based on intuition instead of reason.Here people are creators, not consumers. Here the audience are participants, not passive observers. Here anything can happen.

Creative thinking emerges from below, as long as a fertile creative environment is fostered, where small seeds can find nourishment and grow roots and flower. Technological progress happens in dialog with the surrounding society and refers to both the past and the future. Our art is a joint creative process in a group, a dialog between the group members and with cultural undercurrents in society. Art involves the audience, they become actors in dialog with the work of art, with its story.

Illutron offers collective illusions, fascinating illustrations and blinding illuminations, embracing new inspirational stories in and about the world.

At Platform4.0.Future Meeting Hub, Illutron will be working on an autonomous boat using GPS way points and simple propulsion – as well as developing water cannons using pressurized air to create water effects in an on-site project that invites participants and audience members to join the building process. The project includes Water Cannon Shootout: Using the miniature water cannons build, Illutron and participant will bombard each other with jets of water. We need to have a bit of reckless fun.


Illutron (Copenhagen, Denmark)