Platform4 is a user-driven multi-purpose venue that experiments with new technological and digital elements in combination with artistic and creative genres ranging from music, theatre, contemporary art, design, architecture and more.

Focus is not only put on providing audience and users with experiences, but equally much on creating a learning environment that empowers users to become creators.. Based on ideologies of knowledge sharing, openness, user empowerment and non-hierarchical organizational structure, emphasis is put on sustaining a social community and thereby creating an optimal framework for budding creative projects, playful exploration and even product innovation. The output is therefore highly user-driven and takes many shapes and forms that includes concerts, exhibitions, festivals, workshops, new technologies, talks, project development, foolishly fun ideas and much much more.

With a large venue, a co-working space, a well-equipped workshop, a café and most recently added, the FORMULAB hack/makerspace, PLATFORM4 tries to constantly be what users need to pursue their inner creativity.

PLATFORM4 is a independent non-profit organization housed in two former warehouses of 3,500 square meters in the Østre Havn harbour area in the center of the city of Aalborg, Denmark. PLATFORM4 is supported by Aalborg University, Aalborg Municipality and the owner of the buildings, contractor A. Enggaard.

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